4 Important Factors in Designing LED

| Optical Design

LEDs are directional light source and emit light in a single direction. Designing different lenses and reflectors allow light to be directed and distributed evenly to where it is needed. It eliminates wasted light and energy.

| Mechanical Design

The lifespan of LED product last for more than 50,000~100,000 hours, which last for years. The exterior and interior construction of the luminaire, including housing, finish, power chamber, wirings, down to the bolts and screws, must be robust, durable, and a design well thought out to ensure the LED system performs well and to last long. Good mechanical engineering protects the LED system from deterioration, vibration, weather conditions, debris or external factors to ensure its lifespan and less maintenance required.

| Electrical Design

Precise engineering ensures the right amount of electricity to pass through the power to the LED chips to deliver the right amount of light output, color control and to ensure the lifespan of the LED system.

| Thermal Design

The overall design of a LED system is not perfect if heat is not dissipated. Excess heat reduces the lifetime of both the power supply and the luminaire, and also causes the LEDs to shift in color. LED performance largely depends on the ambient temperature of the operating environment. Over-driving the LED in high ambient temperatures may result in overheating of the LED package, eventually leading to system failure. Engineering a good thermal design with heat sinks, heat is dissipated away from the fixture, thus improving the LED performance and life of luminaire.

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