Why We Should Use LEDs?

There are good reasons for LEDs to revolutionize over the lighting industry. For contractors, there are many benefits such as the simple to design with due to a broader voltage range and lower total electrical load, require less maintenance, use of smaller transformers and thinner wire, ease of installation because LED can be connected in continuous series, and many more.

| For consumers

The most important benefit is the reduction of electric bills because LEDs consume about ¼ the power of incandescent lamps. Premature lamp failures due to fragility are basically eliminated. Electrical costs are cut 40%-80% as compared to incandescent, and the hassle and expense of lamp replacement is reduced because LED’s long life span lasts approximately 40,000 hours. Forty thousand hours equates to 18 years for LEDs used 6 hours a night year-round.

| For the public

LED lights up the streets and buildings in roadways and traffic for drivers and pedestrians, making it brighter and safer place to live in. General lighting systems using LEDs emit no harmful UV rays. And they don't contain glass, its shatter-proof and can be perfectly used in spaces susceptible to breakage, thus, aiding the environment to go green. Another benefit for everyone is the fact that LED lamps and fixtures are sold with warranty whereas the majority of incandescent lamps have none.

| For business

Main concern of most people for switching to LED lighting solution is the initial cost. Not only is the LED more efficient in performance, lessen electrical bills and maintenance cost, more energy saving, but it also, lessens the emission of carbon dioxide in our environment. In fact, LED lighting has significantly reduced its pricing in recent years, making it more affordable for consumers. Rebates are also available in many states, municipalities, utility, and federal incentives to drive people to convert to LED lighting and to promote energy savings. With all the incentives, the energy and cost savings from maintenance and operating costs, making a faster payback.

It’s a huge step for the people and industry to change to LED lighting, but at the end, it’s clearly worth the investment. Let us take one step closer in leading the way to a greener and better future.

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are fast replacing incandescent lamps in the lighting world. LED stands for light emitting diode. LEDs are nothing new and were actually invented way back in 1927. It was in 1962, LED is a solid state semiconductor developed in which generates light through the movement of electrons through a semiconductor material. Even though LEDs have long been in use in the electronics industry as indicator lights, only in the last decade have they been utilized for general illumination purposes.

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