5 Basic Photometric Distributions in Street Light & Area Light

Street Light Photometric Distributions

Type I Distribution

Recommended Application: narrow walkways, paths and sidewalks, bike paths, center of pathway.

Type I is a two-way lateral distribution. This type of lighting is meant to be placed near the center of the pathway. This provides adequate lighting for smaller pathways.

Street Light Type 1 Distribution

Type II Distribution

Recommended Application: wide walkways, on ramps and entrance roadways, as well as other long, narrow lighting.

This type is meant for lighting larger areas and usually is located near the roadside. You'll find this type of lighting mostly on smaller side streets or jogging paths.

Street Light Type 2 Distribution

Type III Distribution

Recommended Application: roadway lighting, general parking areas and other areas where a larger area of lighting is required.

Type III lighting needs to be placed to the side of the lit area, allowing the light to project outward and fill the area. This produces a filling light flow.

Street Light Type 3 Distribution

Type IV Distribution

Recommended Application: side-of-road mounting, alley mounting, wall mounting applications, wide roadways, perimeter parking.

The type IV distribution produces a semicircular light meant for mounting on the sides of walls or buildings or along the side of the road. It's best for illuminating the perimeter of parking areas and businesses.

Street Light Type 4 Distribution

Type V Distribution

Recommended Application: Parking lots, center island of parkway, center of roadway, intersections.

Type V produces a circular distribution that has the same intensity at all angles. This type is for intersections, or a large, commercial parking lot lighting as well as areas where sufficient, evenly distributed light is necessary.

Street Light Type 5 Distribution

Not sure what type of lighting distribution? Let us assess it for you.

Our dedicated department staffs with lighting design engineers working at EOI uses the latest lighting analysis program and can aid consultants and users in reaching their lighting decision. They will run simulations to see which LED roadway lighting models best suit your needs. Lead time results is within a week. Send in your cad drawings, or any information (pole spacing, mounting height, foot candle, wattage replacements, type of road, etc.) and contact information to sales@eoius.com.

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